My name is Markus Ort, I am 37 years old and live in Munich.
I would like to give you a short overview of my professional experience so far.
Besides my main job as a design integrator within the automotive occupant protection (front airbags) I studied programming in C# at the Institut für Lernsysteme (ILS) Hamburg and successfully completed this study ahead of time with an average grade of 1.1.
I am Co-Founder and also work as CTO at Folex LLC.

As CTO I am responsible for the development and maintenance of a crypto-exchange. Here, my area of responsibility is the maintenance, servicing of the system (back-end) and layout of the user interface (front-end), i.e. I taught myself knowledge of HTML and CSS on my own 1.5 years ago and have constantly improved and expanded my skills to meet this key task to a high level.

Also the maintenance of the databases as well as the nodes of the crypto-currencies are part of my area of responsibility.

My experience in the automotive sector is very development-oriented and challenging. For example, a product has to be developed to series production readiness within a relatively tight time frame. A prerequisite of the major automobile manufacturers in Germany is to achieve 5 stars in an NCAP crash test, which I have succeeded in doing. The high standards demanded by car manufacturers drive me to achieve top performance.

The studies to become a programmer helped me a lot to understand the processes of programming and to start the project of the Krypto-Exchange Folex successfully as the responsible project manager. Through my experience in developing and designing websites, working with databases and tasks during my studies, I discovered my passion for developing and programming applications.
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*Institution for Learningsystems


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