The following is a list of my previous projects, which I have programmed (C# .Net) or written by myself
Get an impression and test the programs/games if you like.

Memory and Snake are basically from my study to become a software developer. Both programs (games) I have extended by some features.

Want some music? Then you cannot get past my Mediaplayer!
I hope you enjoy testing!

Project Description Link Comment
Folex LLC Website / (Web)Userinterface Project created with Vue.js
Kanzlei Ort
(law office)
Website / Presentation
of company with
Website Created with Bootstrap 4
SoftwOrt-Engineering Presentation about myself Created from Template
and implemented Bootstrap 4
Snake Snake - the game GitHub Snake in Windows
Presentation Forms (WPF)
Memory Memorygame GitHub Memory in Windows
Presentation Forms (WPF)
Mediaplayer Media- &
GitHub see below*
Private company
from Tim Corey
Retail webshop &
Azure DevOps see below*
PokeDex Informations of all Pokemons
in one PokeDex
GitHub see below*
Blazor Server &
Demo of a Blazor Server
and -Client Website
GitHub see below*
Folex UI
Rebuild Folex Web UI
with Blazor WASM
Dev-Site see below*
Learning and improving
the REACT library
-- in development... *

* Mediaplayer

Mediaplayer with Webradioplayer integration. Select a Webradiostation from a list without visiting any websites! Interesting features:

• Add your favorite radiostation to the list
• Change visual mode (Light-/Darkmode)
• Change language (English / German / Spanish)
• Change control buttons between 3 designs
• Drag&Drop mediafiles into player
• ...


* Retail Manager

This will be a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to can be expanded over time to cover all features that will be needed over time. First steps is getting all of following major pieces:

• SQL database (SSDT) - cennecting by using DAPPER
• WebAPI with authentication - cennecting with swagger using SWASHBUCKLE
• MVVM Projekt - using CALIBURN.MICRO
• WPF application that have a connection per API to SQL Database
• Upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core 3.1
• Moved project from GitHub to Microsoft Azure DevOps
API deployed on Microsoft Azure
• Databases deployed on Google Cloud SQL
• ...

* PokeDex

This PokeDex is based on an idea from my son and me.
This Windows application provides all information about all Pokemons:

• Dynamic search by Pokemonname or id
• Information with picture about chosen Pokemon incl. evolutions
• Build in MVVM Pattern with Caliburn Micro
• Informations are from
• Seven different languages to choose from


* Blazor Server & -Client

Two sample websites of the new technology from Microsoft: Blazor Server & Blazor Client
One project in Blazor Server and one project in Blazor Client:

• Design and functions kept the same for demonstration purposes
• Both projects are connected to the same SQL database (Google Cloud)
Link to Blazor Server Website
Link to Blazor Webassembly Client Website
Link to the required API for the Blazor Client Website

Source Code of the Blazor Server Project
Source Code of the Blazor Client Project


* Folex UI

The Folex Website will be created new with Blazor Webassembly Client
The cryptocurrency exchange Folex is developing new,
included is also the front-end developement.

• Blazor Webassembly Client with Progressive Web App
• Blazor Server for SignalR integration
• TradingView Chart
• ...



Currently I specialize in the field of web development
with the library of Facebooks REACT technology.
Following are a few examples (in progress):

• Fortnite Master Site. Current Items, Shop and Userdata
• Weather-App (Mobile view preferred!) Search for a city.
• Socialmedia-App
• ...

Currently estimated progress: